Who has experience with foals? I have a coworkers horse at my house right now and it had a baby on Dec 22, 2016 and died on Jan 8, 2017 this post won't let me put all I need to.

Oh, that's a tricky situation!!! Yes, I would definitely give her notice. You may be able to get a court order to havensure her leave by a deadline. I feel bad for her horses....😢😢.
Only problem is her horses are on my property and I can't take the chance to be penalized for her actions and care of her animals I won't help her again after seeing how she treats her animals and after the baby died I told her she has to move her horses asap I have horses worth nothing all the way up to $10,000 my horses are not something I can part with or take chances
Well if the mare isn't getting fed properly I'm betting she doesn't get her vaccines or get dewormed so the foal may well have died from a nutritional deficiency or plain starvation. If the mare doesn't produce enough milk or doesn't have the right antibodies to pass on then the foal is doomed from the start, sadly. I'm certain the cold weather played a huge part in the poor foal's death but if mum is starving she won't produce enough milk to keep the babies body working. You should report that woman, her other horses seem like they are at risk also.
Well with seeing what happened would you think anything else was wrong with the foal or would think it was the cold?
I have experience with foals but I'm not sure what you want to know!!!
So my coworker won't come out to my place and feed her horses she only has 2 and the 1 that had a baby needed extra care obviously to provide for a baby and she still wouldn't come out we finally had our winter weather and it stopped being 50/60 degrees and went all the way down to 13- in the 30s well on the 13 degree night the baby died my husband I say she froze to death being as she was barely 2-3 weeks old also the owner would not get the baby a blanket to help prevent this
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