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My 6 year old grade quarter horse mare is impossible to catch, treats dont work, SOS!

My 6 year old grade quarter horse mare is impossible to catch, treats dont work, SOS!
Thanks everyone, she's just coming to me now.
My pony jade that problem for a while. The thing I found that worked is to hide the halter/bridle behind my back and when he got close I'd pull it out and wrap the lead/reins around his neck and then he couldn't leave
My horse is very similar. I've used John Lyon's method of teaching them to come when called. It doesn't work for all horses, but it's worth a shot. You basically teach them to look at you, then follow their gaze to you, then square their body to you, then have them come. You could look it up it's done miracles for my horse and I.
My horse does the same thing. Approach her like you just want to pet her. Act like you are giving her a hug then wrap the lead rope across her neck. This technique helps me have control of my pony and she knows that she's not tied up.
Approach her and act like nothing bad will happen. Set yourself up for success. Try walking to her without a halter but with a few treats. If she starts walking away, walk away too.
Run her ass off everytime she decides she doesn't want to come in. Make it YOUR idea for her to run. She will see the error of her ways. Free lunge the piss and vinegar out of her when she finally comes then treats and love.
@hpwallace that's what i've been doing lol, nothing works with her and yes, no one can catch her without a hard time
I would build respect with ground work and agree with Olivia that bringing her in doesn't always mean work. Brush her, hand walk her, trail ride, etc. Mix it up to keep it interesting. Does anyone else have trouble bringing her in?
@olivialovesdj okay thanks!
Shoot! Can you keep her stalled and do ground with her daily? Or when you catch her make her work her butt off. In the round pen or on a lunge line. If she comes in willingly then maybe just brush her and give her a bunch of cookies so she knows that coming in isn't always work?
@rileyv_ @kelbilanglois @olivialovesdj Thank you all for the quick response. However, Riley I have tried that, she'll aproach and I'll try reach out to hook the lead rope or even pet her and she'll bolt. Kelbi, I've tried ignoring her and she goes to the far corner and turns her back to me (we play the silent game 😂). Olivia I use to keep her feet moving however it's become too dangerous, the place i board at uses our arena as a pasture/turn out. She is turned out with 6-10 other horses in a medium sized arena it becomes too dangerous for me because the other horses get all worked up and start running and kicking out too, I was almost ran over by a horse I did not see while I was trying to keep my horse moving
Try what Kelbi and Olivia said and make sure you keep her halter on when she goes out that way you can just grab it and put the lead role on when she comes near
Sometimes ignoring them works. Going out to her field and start looking at your phone or pay attention to a different horse
If making her move her feet is an option make her move her feet. Make it your idea not hers. Eventually she will come around and let you catch her.