About to start working with my 9yr old Paint mare, she's been off for a year. Looking for suggestions on what I should start with? Was thinking ground pole obstacles and patterns.

Thank you Ashley. I hope the hills aren't too slick, we've had lots of rain
lots of walking under saddle: bending at the walk & eventually trot, walking up hills, etc.
Thank you Heather, I probably won't have much ride time, and will be doing a lot of ground work. Taking it slow is a must, rushing training just doesn't work for horse or rider.
Build her up slowly as she will not have the muscle tone for long training sessions, or temperament. Start with groundwork and getting her to listen well and respect you before backing her.
If I had access to a round pen I would use it, although in the past working her in a round pen has caused issues. Mostly aggressive behavior and seemed to make her act up more.
Thank you for your input!!
I agree with the ground poles and obstacles. I would also suggest possibly some round pen work with no saddle, saddle, then you In saddle just to make sure she doesn't act up with you on her