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What is best to help an inflamed stifle? (medicine, wraps, etc.)

What is best to help an inflamed stifle? (medicine, wraps, etc.)
With pleasure Emma ! Give me some news :) Have a nice day.
Emmanuelle, thank you so much! I've been dealing with his stifle problem for four years now, and never have I gotten such great information! I will definitely try what you suggested.
Hello Emma,
I saw your precedent post about your 14 years old horse. I do think that three things can help him about his pain and inflammation.
First, you can massage it with a heating cream before riding (Please, do not touch your eyes just after or use gloves when you apply the cream or it's going to burn quite bad!)
Secondly, a cure of joints supplement with MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin would be great. Harpagophytum is a nice alternative (and a little bit cheaper than Chondroitin : it is a natural plant and it helps joints a lot ).
Third, I do think that an application of clay would help him a lot ( I have a preference for the Kevin Bacon's 'Sea Clay but you can find many others in your favorite tack shop).
Maybe the farrier could help him too, with special shoes (Egg shoes). I used to ride an old horse with stifle lock problems and those three "tricks" helped him a lot!
PS: I just saw this equipment on the internet, I didn't try it but i do like the concept :