Winter time! Do you have tips to keep your feet warm? What kind of boots or socks may help? Thank

I buy really cheap winter boots and make them my barn boots for when I’m working but when I’m in the arena I just use two pairs of socks and tall boots.
Ariat winter boots and fleece socks worked for me!
Carhart thick boot socks
I found thermal socks at an outdoors store! They're thin like a regular boot sock, so not at all bulky but they have these silvery threads. I find they keep my feet nice and cozy in the really cold days! After my ride, I usually put in the hot packs in my boots though :)
I don't like wearing thick socks in the winter because I find my feet to get colder that way so I usually wear fuzzy socks 😂
I use "Hot Hands" I put them in my pockets of my show jacket and my boots. I put them also in my barn jacket. 😊
I either ride in super thick socks (that aren't to tight cause they'll make circulation difficult), or thinner socks with toe warmers so the heat comes through the sock.
No stirrup work also helps cause your feet aren't sitting on metal.
I also get off very slowly cause it hurts so much when your feet hit the ground cold lol.
Toe warmers and electric socks are the best!!
I ride in thick almost basketball type socks I have also ridden in ski socks