Would you think that boarding your horse (when it is impossible to have it on site) is being lazy?

I don't see how it could be considered lazy. It's unrealistic to think that everyone can have a horse on their own property
I board my horse during the show season so I can work more with my trainer and don't have to transport him back and forth everyday. Im also up at the barn from dawn to dusk. So I don't believe boarding a horse is lazy what so ever.
I board both of my horse becuz can't afford my own land to have them on to do with stuff I also work where I board them as well even be
4 I worked at a barn I boarded it's not lazy just gotta make sure u got out and spend time with ur horse weather ur riding or if ur horse is on some down time go out and groom it and play games on the ground
I completely agree with you Elizabeth. I board my horse and visit her once a week for sure and maybe twice. School just gets in the way. If you say you board a horse because you don't want to do the work. That's lazy. Sure the work isn't at the top of my favorite list but I will happily do it. For me it's impossible to have them on site because I live in a subdivision.
Ibe never had my horse in a boarding stable as I'm lucky to be able to have him in my yard, however currently at school he is at a cooperative barn and I am on the executive committee who runs it. I personally don't view it as lazy, whoever I can see by having had the experience of being the sole provider that it would be viewed as that. At a boarding stable you don't have to get up at 6am to feed every single day, you dot trudge through 2 ft of snow in a blizzard carrying two full water buckets. So I can definitely see it, however so long as your an active horse owner who visits regularly I don't think your lazy. Sometimes it's just not possible. However, if you have a horse, board it somewhere, and maybe visit once or twice a month and don't even know the first thing about caring for your horse now that's lazy and you don't deserve to have him.
It is NOT lazy at all. As long as you still see them and ride them you aren't being lazy!! I board my horse and i dont think I am lazy I just can't have them on my property!
I'm currently in an argument about this with a few other people and they both agree that boarding a horse is both lazy and irresponsible to board a horse. Thank you for whoever agrees.
not at all. Not everybody can have their own horse barn.
Boarding a horse isn't lazy. For most people it's the only option. the majority of people board their horses on another property.