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What is your favorite bridle brand ?

What is your favorite bridle brand ?
I got mine fully custom made by a leather goods maker who specializes in equestrian products. Sometimes if youre lucky there is a buisness like that around. They tend to use very very high quality leather, and will charge you significantly less than a quality equivalent brand name bridle. Cons: resale value probably sucks bc its not brand name, but personally mines not going anywhere !
I love my HDR bridles!
CWD bridles are absolutely stunning and brilliant to ride in, but therefore are very pricey. My other favourite is prestige, I've a couple I've had for a few years and they still look brand new; really top quality.
I love Val du boys because they are really nice quality and range from cheap but nice to. Expensive and super nice.
If you're looking for really nice tack for really good prices, look up royal on line. J love their tack and it's always crazy cheap. I don't have one of their bridles but I assume it's really nice.
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