Pros and Cons of Straw Bedding/Wood Shaving Bedding ?

Straw pros: comfy cozy, good snack (lol), cheap, not hard to find.
Straw cons: hard to pick up, not super absorbent.
Woodshavings pros: soft, warm, fluffy, easy to clean your stall.
Woodshavings cons: sucks all the moisture from the hooves, expensive, if you don't get the right kind it can be very bad.
From experience straw is not very absopbant or easy to clean. It is, however, comfortable for the Horse (if you put enough down). Wood shavings are easy to store and clean but they can sometimes be dusty. It all really boils down to the individual needs of the Horse that your bedding down.
I find costs to be quality dependant. Shavings are usually more expensive than straw. It seems straw is only more expensive when it's really high quality. However it depends on how much you use, and which your horse(s) are more messy with.
What have you found for costs?
•breaks down easily if repurposed for fertilizer.
•Very dest free, sweet smelling, and soft if it's a good quality.
•doesn't absorb urine as well as shavings.
•some horses may try to eat it.
•can be more difficult to clean.
•some horses are allergic to it.
•earlier to clean.
•very absorbent.
•easy to store/handle.
•Can be very dusty.
•can be difficult to get rid of.
•can have high levels of acid depending on wood type.