Ask Amélie Ravene : My Ottb had laryngeal neuropathy surgery last October. Are there supplements to benefit his respiratory system?

Hello Allie,

Given that your horse's antecedents, I urge you to turn to your veterinarian. He alone, knowing your horse and its history, and will be able to advise you.

On our side, in our range of Specific Care, OXXYGEN is based on plates like Eucalyptus, licorice ... and contributes to the proper functioning of the respiratory tract. It stimulates the immune system of the horse and prepares for sneezing or cold strokes. Oxxygen is ideal in cold weather or in dusty environments. Its liquid formula is convenient to give in the diet and you can also take it on the move to administer it directly in the mouth with a syringe. We advise 15 ml morning and evening for 8 days and the product can be used all the year.

Team Ravene