Ask Amélie Ravene : What can I do to allow my horse to recover as best as possible after a big competition (care, exercises, rest ...)?

Hello David,

First of all, after a big competition, I advise you to ride your horse at length but in a little intense way: for example a long quiet stroll or a light trotting, to make disappear the aches. It's always good for the spirits ! :)

For our part, Ravene proposes the range "Recuperation after the effort" to avoid the cramps, stiffnesses and those of the following day. It's actually essential to rehydrate your horse and compensate for the loss of electrolytes, essential for life.

This range is consists of:

-NUTRILYTE FLASH: syringe of 30ml to give just after the competition to compensate the loss of electrolytes.

- NUTRILYTE Solution: its composition identical to that of sweat brings your horse back to his optimal state of balance. (Mineral salts, electrolytes ...) In addition, sodium encourages the horse to drink!

- TENDIFLEX + is an active clay that relieves the sensitized members by effort. With its double refreshing effect, it captures the heat created by the limbs and redistributes it in the ambient air. Moreover, it is very easy to apply!

In our range of "External Care" I also recommend KINESYL which is a relaxing and soothing massage balm, ideal for muscular relaxation after exertion.

Team Ravene