Ask Amélie Ravene : What types of clays correspond to what needs for our horses (marine, plant ...)?

Hello Melinda,

Marine clays contain trace elements and iodine in random amounts. This can cause allergies or strong skin reactions / irritations. Moreover, in use, they can easily spit out water and lose the initial qualities.

It is easier to control the quality of plant clays by adding essential oils such as tea tree or aloe vera to the composition for optimum results.

TENDIFLEX + is an active clay that relieves sensitized limbs (tendons, ligaments, joints)

Thanks to its astringent effect, it captures the heat created by the limbs and redistributes it in the ambient air.

Its refreshing effect relieves quickly after exertion.

Its texture is extremely easy to apply. It contains essential oils of Tea Tree, Aloe vera and menthol.

Team Ravene