Ask Amélie Ravene : I take care of the feet of my horse every day but there is always the tendency to have frogs too soft, what products do you advise?

Hello Tessy,

I highly recommend PEDIFLEX, our fluid oil which is ideal for soft frog. It dries while moisturizing and hardens the frogs without enclosing the moisture.

I also advise you to supervise the environment of your horse: a clean dry litter will contribute greatly to the cleansing of your horse's frog.

When the frog is dry, before putting your horse in a wet ground (quarry wet, pre wet ...) I advise you to apply NORWEGIAN PROTEC, pine tar, which will be barrier against moisture.

In addition, we are currently developing a formidable product that will perfectly meet your demand! We will tell you more very soon :)

Team Ravene