Ask Amélie Ravene : What products can I use to pass the winter to my horse in the best possible conditions?

Ask Amélie Ravene : What products can I use to pass the winter to my horse in the best possible conditions?
Hello Will,

To spend the winter serenely and in the best possible conditions, I advise you:

- NUTRILIFE +: This is a vitaminized food supplement that contains all the elements to complete the daily ration of your horse, whatever its activity. It comes in the form of pellets to mix with the ration. 90g per day, or a pod (included in the bucket) for 1 month. It contains 20 essential ingredients (vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus ...)

- KINESYL: balm that can be applied before work: it prepares the muscles and the tendons to the effort. It also applies after work by massaging to promote muscle relaxation after exercise. The hyper-oxygenated oils associated with eucalyptus and rosemary will certainly satisfy you in winter when your horse can possibly tense due to the cold.

- DERMAPROTEC: a multi-purpose skin cream

- BLACK PROTEC: it is a black technical ointment that protects from desiccation and prevents seines. Apply more when the grounds and / or feet are wet (so often winter!). It applies to the fork, the sole and to the external surface of the foot.

- NORWEGIAN PROTEC: this is a pine tar that protects the foot. It is a barrier against moisture and contributes to healthy forks. It applies to the fork and sole. It is ideal in winter, when the grounds are very wet, to apply on a dry foot before work to make barrier against the humidity and not to enclose it!

- BIODYNE: this dietary supplement brings 20mg of pure biotin per day. It also contains elements allowing the proper assimilation of biotin such as copper, zinc ... It comes in the form of granulated appetizers to be mixed with the daily ration of your horse to the height of 30g (the equivalent of 1 pod Included in the pot) for 1 month. The action of biotin helps to regrow, the strength and beauty of horsehair and also hooves, sometimes subjected to strain during the winter!

- OXXYGEN: herbal supplement like Eucalyptus, licorice ... and contributes to the good functioning of the respiratory tracts. It stimulates the immune system of the horse and prepares for sneezing or cold strokes. Oxxygen is ideal in cold weather or in dusty environments. Its liquid formula is convenient to give in the diet and you can also take it on the move to administer it directly in the mouth with a syringe. We advise 15 ml morning and evening for 8 days and the product can be used all the year.

Nice winter with Ravene

Team Ravene
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