Ask Amélie Ravene : What are your tips to complement a competition a horse that is beginning to show signs of age ?

Hello Ryan,

For a competition horse beginning to show signs of age, anti-oxidants are important. I advise you in our range "Optimization of physical condition" our products NUTRILIFE + and NUTRIGARLIC + which contain them.

NUTRILIFE +: This is a vitaminized food supplement that contains all the elements to complete the daily ration of your horse, whatever its activity. It comes in the form of pellets to mix with the ration. 90g per day, or a pod (included in the bucket) for 1 month.
It contains 20 essential ingredients (vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus ...)

NUTRIGARLIC +: food supplement to add also to the ration of your horse in the form of palatable pellets. It contains essential ingredients including easy-to-assimilate garlic, flaxseed oil and cod liver combined, lithothamne, beetroot, barley ... 30g (1 pod included) per day 1 month to be renewed 3 times a year.

During the intense periods of your competition, I also advise you NUTRIFORME: it prepares your horse for a sustained effort. It contains trace elements and magnesium. In liquid form, it also mixes with the diet. 30ml per day for 1 month.

Good Contest :)

Team Ravene