Ask Amélie Ravene : What are Ravene's products to always have in her grooming bag?

Hello Lauren,

Regarding grooming, here is our complete cosmetic range Easy Shine:

When using EASY SHINE, we advise you to let the product dry after application. In addition, after passing my brush (in one hand) I immediately use a very soft / antistatic (in the other hand) to perfect the hair and perfectly remove the dust off.

In final touch, I use a nut of TECHNI GLOSS spreading it in my hands and then spreading the gel in the hairs or the tail. The shine, the volume and the brilliance are immediate and intense! You can continue to work your horse with the soft. Advice, avoid the passage of strap with this product because it slips a lot!

If the temperature is suitable and if you have time for a perfect preparation, I recommend you to use EASY SHINE SHAMPOO which will bring an ultra brightness to the color of your horse or more specifically EASYS SHINE GRAY if your horse is gray : its action is formidable!

For events, it is necessary to carry in his kit of rider EASY SHINE MOUSS which will detach the rebellious stains or will correct the unwanted dirt of the last moment. Its application is without water, fast and efficient and it also constitutes a true dry shampoo without rinsing, usable in all seasons.

The whole EASY SHINE range can be used near the mucous membranes without risk and you will very soon discover our new product EASY SHINE WIPE which arrives in February!
These are respectful wipes for a gentle care! The mild cleansing solution is designed for the sensitivity of the horse, and the wipes can be applied to the head and eyes and nostrils of horses. It is notably alcohol-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free.
A game contest will be set up at their release in a few weeks / days, be on the lookout !!

Apart from grooming, we also recommend you always on hand :

- KINESYL: Tendons, muscles and joints. Soothing and relaxing massage balm.

- DERMAPROTEC: Multi-Purpose Skin Care

- TENDIFLEX: active clay that relieves the members sensitized by the effort (tendons, ligaments, articulations)

- NUTRILYTE FLASH: supply of electrolyte for optimal recovery.

Team Ravene