Ask Amélie Ravene : What is Ravene's position in relation to 100% natural horse care products (product efficacy, etc.)?

Hello Kareen,

First of all it should be noted that most of our products or raw materials are from France with the highest pharmaceutical quality. Unscrupulous laboratories use products / raw materials from the USA, China or Eastern countries of provenance and / or doubtful quality ...

Currently, two types of food supplements are on the market, either synthetic or natural. The majority of our products are 100% natural, as for example NUTRILIFE + or NUTRIGARLIC + but not NUTRIFORME for obvious reasons of concentration of the formula. It would be impossible to fit all natural elements and daily volume into optimal concentrations for a horse in a large container. It would be impossible to ingest because too bulky for him!

We strive to conserve the best of nature by focusing on the manufacturing processes that are most respectful of vitamins or other elements by combining excellent palatability and concentration to meet the nutritional needs of the horse. This is where we find the weakness of unprocessed raw products that appear natural (we are just as much!) Because only dehydrated and suffer from weak nutritional intakes for a large volume and with a difficult appetite to impose on horses.

For example, NUTRIGARLIC which is a concentrate of garlic is very palatable while garlic alone is often refused. BIODYNE which brings biotin, the smell repels most equidae ...

In the end RAVENE slips the best of nature into its products with ideal proportions for your horse and when we can check the sources of production, we use organic products using, for example, FENUGREC BIO in NUTRILIFE + or HONEY D Acacia in NUTRILYTE Solution.

Team Ravene