Opinions on working students? Is there a better path to work on to move me up in the level of riding?

Absolutely. It definitely got me up the levels. When I left I was schooling/teaching all the 3rd level movements with ease & confidence. I would have continued moving up the levels if I had stayed longer, but since most of them are non paid, I had to get a paid position. Now I have my own client horses & students in my home town :)
Yes I totally understand and am ready to do that. I was thinking about working under Jane Sleeper. She's in PA. Did it bring you up in the levels? Cause that's what I'm looking for(with the right job). I don't want to go and work my butt off to be where I am now ya know?
There are lots of good dressage/evening) ones in the Memphis, TN area and also in Lexington, KY. I did a working student position, and it was an amazing leading experience, but you have to be willing to work your butt off lol
Yes Hayley I am very willing to travel. I'm located in Quincy MA USA
What state are you in? And are you willing to travel?
It depends on the Yard really, some are great and will teach you a great deal and make you very knowledgable, others not so much.....

But it is a good route. Others are to go to college and learn or go through your stage exams