The horse that I lease for 8years will be moved to another state based on what his owner has been saying. How can I cope more easily?

I would get a can of readywhip and watch a movie like flicka and cry for a while then find another horse to work with and try to keep my mind off of it. Plus praying always helps!❤ Good luck!
Thanks Karli! I haven't done a photo shoot but I have many photographs of us at competitions and winning at Regionals! And no, my younger sister leases a different horse owned by the same people (they own five) so once they leave I will have to look for a new barn to ride at!
When things like this happen to me, I try to reflect on what I've accomplished with the horse and that its just another experience to make me grow as a rider. Its hard to let go and move past horses that have touched your heart but I try and remind myself that you become a better rider when you learn to ride new horses. Is there another horse you could find to lease to keep you distracted? Also, If you have time with the horse still try and do a photo shoot if you haven't already. This way you have another memory to hold onto. Hope this helps in anyway. Best of luck!