What are the benefits of the solarium?

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The regular use of an equine solarium has the following benefits:

-Improves blood circulation and cellular metabolism
-Improves muscle elasticity in advance of intensive work, thereby -reducing the risk of sustaining injury
-Helps reduce stiffness after work, promotes relaxation and recovery
-Assists in the relief of pain after injury particularly back pain
-Improves general health, condition and well being of the horse/pony
-Helps dry-off a horse/pony after exercise or wash-down
The solarium strengthens the immune system and promotes faster recovery. This can be helpful when dealing with cough or an infectious disease. It is also advised for a better functioning of the nervous system.

The solarium can also increase your horse's appetite, improve its weight and give it a brighter hair.

Before and after work, the solarium solves the problem of muscular contractions. Moreover, it allows to dry the horses after an intense effort and avoid that they catch cold :)

I also read that it increased fertility!
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