Ask Karen Polle : With only having one horse to compete at the top levels, what are you best tips for keeping Wingy comfortable and ready for the next big class?

Hi Jessica,

For me, the most important thing is to keep Wings fit and fresh. Once I know my competition schedule, my trainer Rodrigo Pessoa and I work backwards to make a fitness plan for him so that when the competition arrives, he is very fit but also physically and mentally fresh. We make a plan months in advance so that we have time to exercise and train hard but also time for him to have more relaxing days and take some breaks. Wings loves to turn out in the paddock so we always make sure he has plenty of time out eating grass!

My barn manager and I have worked very hard to design a program to give Wings the best care possible every day as well, and I also work closely with Wings' vet, farrier, and chiropractor.

Thanks for your question!