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Any tips on how to get my jumping position better?

Any tips on how to get my jumping position better?
I always video myself to help with that and then I critique and I have my trainer help me
Thank you everyone
If you are having problems with your leg you can't ry your sturrips to your girth with haystringif it is your hands put a rubber band in the main about half way between the poll and withers. If it's your two point the only thing that can help is seeing a picture
My coach always told me you should be able to hold yourself up at all gaits. The hardest gait to do 2 point at is a walk as there's no momentum or lift from the horse. Also doing squats on the ground, but stretching forward and compressing like you're in two point. Do that in the mirror to make sure you're training your muscles properly.
stretch taller and if you think you are, you're not so stretch even taller!
To give you any direct advice, I'd have to see a picture. I find that something that helps is having someone on the ground take a video, and then pick the video apart, looking for any flaws, and looking to correct them/keeping them in mind the next time I ride.