I know that a lot of people say not to brush the tail during winter to keep it thick for show season. But how do you keep it untangled if you can't brush it?

Brush it in strands and use a nice detangler helps like vetrolin
I brush tails every time I ride. If not it becomes a tangled mess and a lot gets torn out anyways. Use showsheen every time you brush it and keep it clean and untangled
Braid it. If you want it to grow but you wanna brush it use a hard/soft brush to give it a neat look
I brush my horses' tails every day and they look thick and fantastic. Just shampoo and condition often and put a detangler after u wash and when needed.
Brush it with detangler, then braid it and put it in a tail bag. Keeps it clean, detangled and unrubbed, requiring brushing WAY less frequently
I use a lot of detangler and brush it out with my fingers. I find they rip more out when knotted than I pull out when brushing through it.
I brush mine with a stiff brush or just take a mane and tail detangler (like cowboy magic) put some on my hands, and use my fingers to untangle any knots.
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