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I get stressed before and during my jumping courses. What are your advices?

I get stressed before and during my jumping courses. What are your advices?
I walk the course twice, much to the rolling of my trainers eyes, hah. But exposure seems to have been the best thing for me. Just take the time to be confident in your job (walk twice, and start warming up in good time) and the more shows you do the better you'll feel. Also, make sure you eat! Energy to do the job is the thing that makes us doubt ourselves the most
Tums help settle your stomach! Even McClain Ward has some before a round!
RELAX. That's one of the best things anyone can tell you. If you know you trained, you know your course, and you know your horse, everything should go fine. Don't think about it has a competition with judges and a ton of people watching you, think of it as you riding your horse. Trust yourself and trust your horse.
Also, try to think of little "cheats" to remember the blue outside to yellow diagonal, etc, rather than individual jumps
Balance or Serenity blend essential oils. And it took me 20+ years to grasp this...go in like youre schooling. Not laid back, but just with the mentality that theres no crowd, etc, youre just on a nice easy hack, and its just you and your bud
And trust the horse to know what hes doing. They feed off of your nerves big time, so if youre nervous, they will be because you are
Try lavender essential oil and practice a ton!
One thing that really helps me is something called rescue remedy. It's at gnc $12
2) there is a calming supplement for people called Min Tran made by standard process. That seems to help me too but maybe just a placebo affect.
I do as well. Some things that help me...1) I watch a couple videos of really excellent rounds on YouTube before I jump. Often I will watch McLain Ward because I love his style.
I have the same problem! I haven't really figured out a solution, but if you know why then it will be easier. I usually just try to not think about it or listen to music. Hope you find a solution :)