How to prevent a mare I ride from bolting in the field when we're riding ?

Circling and flexing and sometimes change it up and walk her home and do a lot of turns and spirals
No, I don't mean bitless, use an actual hackamore on her, a real hack will stop her dead in her tracks
@sydney, I do ride her bitless in the arena and she can get a little strong at times with it but listens well, but in the field I know for a fact she won't listen to me bitless garunteed 😕
Try a hackamore? It's bitless and it's got a lot of brake power.
I would keep her bent, do a lot of circling and backing and bending. Figure 8 your way home if you have to
She hates bits enough, I currently have her in a hollow d ring snaffle and she works wonderfully in it! We can do walk - gallop in it in the field with excellent breaks but when we're leaving the field she throws her head up and tries bolting home and she knows better. Has done it twice now.
Bigger bit is what I would do, use it to set it on her butt a few times until she stops and then put her back in the bit youve got now :) works wonders
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