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How to maintain the teeth of my horse?

How to maintain the teeth of my horse?
To add onto what Megan said, typically, horses need their teeth floated every two years, however this can vary greatly. I know some horses who need their teeth done every nine months. It depends greatly on their diet. Signs a horse needs their teeth floated include:
Difficulty keeping weight,
Reluctance to eat/eating very slowly,
Reluctance to accept a bit into their mouth,
Reluctance to work,
Sloppy eating,
Bad breath
It is necessary to make follow your horse by the equine dentist:
- Before the backing and at the beginning of his work
- Every year or two years according to each horse

It is also necessary to pay attention on signs suspect as bad chewing or/and digestion.

Horses in the meadow may also have more problems, in particular brood mares or old horses.