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Padded headstall : is there a real difference?

Padded headstall : is there a real difference?
Hi @bvhowe, you can go directly on CWD's website to find this bridle, for the Dy'on as well :)
Where would I be able to find one of these bridles? Preferably the CWD anotomical one. :)
My guy loves his padded monocrown dressage bridle. Even though it may not have any makers marks on it, he seems like a happier boy. He has a stiff poll, and after switching to the padded monocrown from my traditional Schumaker dressage bridle, he immediately relaxed and stretched out.
I am a big fan of Dy'on and CWD bridles, their anatomical headstall seems to be much more comfortable for your horse. You just have to put your fingers under it to feel how the pressure is dispatched in a much more balanced way. For my mare who tends to have a stiff neck, the difference is really noticeable in day to day work :)
Yes this can increase the comfort of the horse at the level of the neck. The headstall of conventional bridles can create tensions.
The bridles that have cushioning at the noseband and at the headstall allow to distribute the pressures equally :)