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Thoughts on becoming an equine veterinarian?

Thoughts on becoming an equine veterinarian?
Its a big commitment (time-wise and financially) but if it's something that your really passionate about then go for it!
It is extremely difficult to live as just an equine vet, but you could specialize in it! I have talked with 5 or 6 local vets (I work at one of the centers) with 4 of them wishing they could work on cattle and horses all day. Sadly all of them agree that they would not have enough business to live comfortably. It is not impossible though!
Unless you plan on becoming a famous equine vet, I don't think you could live comfortably with the salary the job offers..
I would love too but I know it requires a lot of work. I guess if you're willing to put in the hours and the work it's a great choice of career.
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