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What strecthing exercises can I do for my horse?

What strecthing exercises can I do for my horse?
Carrot stretches
Contact a educated horse massager and ask for stretching exercises that fits your horse.
After my horse is warm up I get her too stretch down at the trot.
Everyday before you would ride or show just stretch there legs out in front of them before you get on. Right after you are all tacked up just grab one at a time their front legs and stretch them forward. This will make them a little more looser and stretched out for when you ride. I would probably do it for about 20-30 seconds for each front leg (not hind).
Hi Melinda,
I agree with Alexandra and Aubrie. When giving treats you can have them stretch their neck to the left and to the right as well as between their legs. Many riders will also stretch their horses legs by taking them and extending them out like Alexandra said. Both methods should help!
Do carrot stretches. Have him bend his neck to his right and left and in between his legs
Hi Melinda, in addition to Lauren and Aubrie's tips, you can as well stretch the legs of your horse : grab the front leg gently and extend it towards the front slowly, grab the back leg gently and extend it towards the back (you will see that your horse will want to stretch it further on his own ;). The goal is for your horse to be really relaxed when you do it :)
Hi Melinda,
I agree with Aubrie, it's a good technique. I have another way, I bought many toys (different balls) and I have taught my horse to play with them. And I was surprised when I saw it worked !
So when you are present the carrot trick is a good idea but when you are not present, toys are a different solution.
I hope this helps!
Have your stretch their neck and back by having them "reach" to each side. A carrot works well for this stretch. 😜 Also have them reach between their front legs for the carrot. These stretches work well for my horse!