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What is the use of Kentucky Tendon Grip socks?

What is the use of Kentucky Tendon Grip socks?
Hi Kareen,
I also share Rebecca's point of view as well as Alexandra's. It for sure helps with rubs and irritation and keeping dirt/sand out to avoid scratches and other small injuries! It seems like a great product although I have not tried it myself. I would use these for horses that have sensitive skin (usually greys but it depends) or a small cut. Also, as Alexandra already mentioned - to protect small injuries such as cuts from getting infected and getting sand/footing/dirt in them. I also used something similar to this for myself when I had blisters from breaking in my new tall boots and it helped! These also provide protection against rubbing. (In this case I used the Equifit gel bands). Hope this helps!
The Kentucky Tendon Grip Sock:

Is designed to be used under a boot to prevent rubbing
It is aldo designed to prevent the school
surfacesgetting inside the boot
This comes in a roll so that you can cut off the amount that you need
It is used like a tubigrip and is fully breathable
Washable and reusable, it comes in a 5 metre roll
Hi Kareen, I share Rebecca's point of view! These are great to avoid irritations and other skin problems, especially if your horse's legs are clipped. It also allows to protect other kind of little injuries. It is easy to put on, you have to be careful to always keep it clean (which is the only hard thing about it, especially when showing in winter) :)
Hi karman,
Tendon Grip socks are, in my opinion, a revolution in the world of protections for members. Indeed they decrease the number of wounds, they prevent the infiltration of sand and so allow to avoid all types of irritations. And if there is a wound Tendon Grip socks help to the healing ! I recommend the Kentucky, because I think it's the best. I think it's ideal for icing applications for injury prevention and treatment.
I hope I have help you, Bye.