What are some reviews on compression socks for horses? My horse has swelling around the fetlock, so I'd like to keep her comfortable.

Hi Tate,
I have compression socks for horses. I used them, and they worked well. But each horse reacts differently so remain cautious about their use.
I got them for my horse when he was pretty much on stall rest during the winter due to the disgusting mud and they worked wonders. He has scar tissue on one leg and I was worried it would be too tight, but I got the exact size he measured and couldn't have been happier with them. I found them much better than standing wraps because they are fool proof. I found the first time putting them on a bit tricky, but removing them and putting them on after were super simple. The barn worker had no trouble getting them off in the morning and agreed they were faster to remove than standing wraps. I love them and plan on using them multiple days again.
Bye bye.
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