I have been paying a instructor to teach me how to jump for the last year however she won't let me jump is this typical? I ride at another barn and have jumped with no issues…

Thanks everyone!
time to move on from that instructor
I think u should have started at least raises cavillettes
Getting the basics down pat inside and out is the best way to set you up for success, and also be kind to the horse that is lugging our bodies around. Maybe your trainer isn't good enough to get you balanced within a year, or maybe you're struggling with the concepts more than you think. Keep an open mind for the sake of your horse and your future :)
I personally support instructors who don't think they're student is ready to jump. It's a killjoy, but it's not fair to the horse until the student is ready to do their job. I used to jump 1.10m-1.20m, but lately I've been downgraded by my trainer to riding without a saddle because my balance is off and I'm not steady enough to make it fair to ask my horse to do his job. I don't want to make his job difficult or less fun, so I'm quietly accepting that I probably won't get to jump much for a while. I'd suggest talking to your trainer and asking them what you need to improve before jumping.
I'd try a different instructor. I started jumping 6 months after I learned how to ride English with very little riding experiance before. If she's not even preparing you to jump with cantering over ground poles and things, it's more than likely to be another year or few months befor she allows you to actually jump. If she doesn't start you soon, I'd just tell her you're not where you would like to be and you've decided to take on a new instructor.
Yeah I have and she says I'm not ready and has me do sitting trot, posting trot and walking yet I'm not "good enough " to WALK over ground poles according to her....
It seems like a year is a little long. I would tell her that you've jumped before and ask her if you could start now.
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