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How long should a horse work every day?

How long should a horse work every day?
Depends on the horse and fitness levels. I have a 5 yr old cob recently broken so we do 20 mins flat work or hack out for about an hour 4 times a week, weather depending. I like to alternate so that exercise isn’t boring
Depends on the horse. I have 2 completely different ponies: a 14hh 18yro Irish sports horse (former showjumping pony in Ireland) and a 14.2hh 7yro Connemara (has only been backed a year). They both get ridden 3-5 times a week (jumping once). They are both super fit but it really depends on what disapline you ride in. I do working Hunter, showing, and showjumping with my boys and compete almost every week. Also depends if you give your horse time off during the winter months. I personally don’t as my boys need kept on constant work and compete all year round.
My young horse needs to work more than my 2 others which i wor 3-4 times a week 1 time jumping, my young one i ride 4-5 times 1or 2 times jumping
I ride my horse 6 days a week and take lesson 2-3 days a week, where we jump. We don't normally jump high, we train low so we save his legs to the weekend shows. When I hack I normally have for about an hour and work on transitions, ground poles, and lengthening and shortening.
Most horses at my barn are worked 6 days a week, sometimes 5. Also depends on the horse, my trainer says its better to give a day off then to have a non effective ride
Hi Conner,
Every horse is very different, but the horses I ride are on a 5 day riding week. It depends what is going on during the week, but they are normally just hacked about 3-4 times a week and jumped about 2-3. So the days we just hack them they are ridden for about 15-30 min. The days we jump they are ridden for about half a hour- a hour.
Depends on how much it works in a week if you ride daily I would recommend 15-30 minutes a day
Hi Connor,
I agree with Emily that is really does depend on your horse. It also really depends on when you show/jump. If I have a horse that I know is going to be fresh then I will do a little more with them. I leave them a bit fresh before shows because I like my horses reactive and a bit fresh the first couple days at the show. On regular days I will flat for around 40 minutes. On Tuesdays after a long weekend of showing I will give my horses a light flat for only about 25 minutes. Some need more than others or some will turn out/ handwalk. It also depends on how fit your horse is because you do not want to overwork them. Also change up your flatwork because horses tend to get bored and it is good to exercise their mind and have them thinking about something new every couple days.
I'm a hunter/ jumper and show in the equitation and jumpers, my horse gets ridden at least 4 times a week for about 1- 1 1/2 hours, he usually gets jumped 3 times a week and the 4th day is just a hack
For a barrel racing horse, I ride him for about an hour every day I can ride witch is like 5 days a week with the exceptions of trail rides and fun days and stuff like that.
Hi, I think this depends on each individual horse. For all of my horses on a normal non-jumping day we flat them for about 45 minutes and then take them for a ten minute walk outside on the grass. Some of mine I ride longer if they are fresh or need to get more fit. I try not to do the same thing with them every day because they tend to get bored. One day I might do some pole work along with the flatting or others I might just take them out for a hack and work them on the trails.
Depends on the horse you're working with, and the type of work they are doing. A quality, fit lesson horse can usually do two flat lessons in a day no problem. As the intensity of the work goes up, you'll generally want to do higher quality work rather than greater quantity. It is also good to switch it up, though. You don't just want to do a 1 hour jumping session 6 days a week. Your horse will get burnt out, and bored. You might do one or two jumping sessions, and then you could throw in a longer flat session a few times a week, and maybe a long hack as a form of active rest.
It depends on the individual needs of the horse. One thing to consider when asking this question, is whether or not you are using work to tire your horse out. If you have to lunge for 20 minutes before each ride to have a horse that is rideable, that is likely a training or quality of life issue, and could be considered a form of physical or mental overworking.
Hi Connor,
I can not say precise figures because it depends on the horse, its endurance and the type of activity you practice! Afterwards I find that they need at least a day when they are free in the week. For an idea I would say 1h30 every day, but varying the ride: once stroll, once jumping, once dressage, another time work in lanyard and freedom. The secret in often changing the disciplines you do is that your horse will flourish, moreover it will find sessions more difficult than others which will allow him to be less tired while keeping an activity constant.
I hope tis helps, bye.