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Ask Alexa Fairchild : What is your best memory of riding?

Ask Alexa Fairchild : What is your best memory of riding?
Hi Tessy,
I have a lot of very good memories of riding. It is very difficult to think of the best memory. One of them that I will never forget, is at my last European Championships in Vidauban. I was riding my freestyle and it was extremely hot that day, 44 degrees celsius. I had my tail coat, gloves and helmut on. I was riding my last zigzag in trot, when I started to feel extremely weak due to the heat. In my head, I told myself "don't let go! This zigzag and then the final center line." I felt my muscles weakening but kept going. Straight after my last salut, I felt extremely faint. I made a sign at my trainer, trying to tell her I was about to pass out. We didn't know if she could come into the arena to help me. So I had to walk out of the arena on my horse, I started hyperventilating and unbuttoning my tailcoat. I finally arrived at my trainer and just kinda collapsed into someones arms from my horse. I was taken under the umbrella where a stuart was waiting to help the riders. They poured three water bottles on me, took my boots off, put something in my mouth to wake me up and made me sniff something that smelt extremely strong. I was completely out of it and didn't really know what was going on around me. Until someone from behind, whispered " would you like to hear your result ? " and then announced that I had 75%. I was so happy with my result I felt better immediately. I ended up 7th and was so proud of my horse that held through the heat and gave it her all.
Thanks for your question,