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What is the best saddles to use??

What is the best saddles to use??
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Prestige for jumping and it also depends on your horses discipline
Depends entirely on the horse, discipline etc x
Equipe saddles are also so good, but the Best for You and Your horse is when You ask the person who representative brand and measure horse's back.
You can't really just pick one brand and go with it, it's a little too simplistic and can become problematic. All brands make their saddles a little bit differently, and there are saddles for different disciplines. Different brands will fit each horse differently, and each rider differently as well. You want to find a saddle that works for both of you.
I have personal experience with a saddle that does not quite suit me, and it can really mess with your equitation and quality of your riding.
An ill-fitting saddle on a horse can cause significant discomfort, and overtime injury. In the least, you may require chiropractic or veterinary care to correct it, and you may end up creating a ring-sour horse.
As for discipline, you need to look at your riding goals, and pick the saddle that is best suited to you. I personally have a close contact jumping saddle because that is my primary goal with my riding. If you are someone who isn't super dedicated to any one discipline, you may want to opt for an all-purpose saddle, as it will be more functional for flatwork, casual jumping, hacking, etc.
Cwd ❤
I like wintecs
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For me Bruno del Grange or Cwd!