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How to clean an Alfa Gel saddle pad?

How to clean an Alfa Gel saddle pad?
Hi Emily,
For the Alfa Gel shock absorber with muffler; If the mop is dirty you can clean it with a vacuum cleaner simply by putting a small brush at the end of the vacuum cleaner, the result will be better. You can vacuum the gel on the party, but pressing less hard too!
Once the dust is removed, you simply have to pass it to the water, with the jet of the shower head, it is practical. Do not hesitate to rub with the hand but without soap! Do the same step on the gel side.
If your carpet is still dirty, take a very basic shampoo and rub! To have a good result and to keep the side of the shock absorber, it is better to dry it immediately with the hair dryer! Do not put the hair dryer on the side of the gel.