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Any tips on how to get your horse to stand still when getting on from ground or from a mounting block?

Any tips on how to get your horse to stand still when getting on from ground or from a mounting block?
For me, if my pony walks away while I'm getting on, I back her up and make her stand still for a moment.
Kelbi, thanks for the info, I don't get on from the ground anyways. But thank you.
I wouldn't recommend getting on from the ground, it puts a lot of pressure on the horse and can be uncomfortable.
Thank you Nickie!
Thank you so much Jack, will definitely start doing that!
Hello Felicity,
Unfortunatly, this is a common problem.
Step 1: Lead the horse to the mounting block, with it on your horse’s left side. When he stands still beside the block, feed him a treat, under his neck so that he reaches his head to the right to receive the food. This movement will move his shoulder slightly toward the mounting block, which will be helpful when shaping the final behaviour for mounting.
Step 2: Once we know that the horse has learned that standing still at the mounting block is triggering the feeding of the treat, we progress forward. Step up onto the mounting block, then step down, and reward the horse for standing still. If he moves, withhold the food and repeat Step 1.
Step 3: At this point, you should be able to stand on the mounting block as the horse stands quietly. The horse needs to learn that if he stands still, once the rider has mounted, the rider will deliver the reward. To teach this, climb the mounting block, lean slightly over the pommel or seat of the saddle with your right side, and feed the horse with your right hand by his right shoulder. Repeat this exercise until the horse anticipate the arrival of the treat.
Step 4: Now you are ready to mount the horse. Climb the mounting block, mount, and reward the horse immediately with your right hand towards his right shoulder for standing still.
I hope this helps,
Ask him to stand, if he moves circle him straight round the block and ask to stand again, repeat until he stands. Once sanding, stroke/pat along withers and back/bum, put some weight in a stirrup, lean on the saddle etc, praise and walk away from block. Repeat with getting on and patting then dismount etc, make it a boring standard task