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I have a lazy pony that won't go into canter what can I do ???

I have a lazy pony that won't go into canter what can I do ???
Thanks everyone I have managed to get him into a few steps of canter so if I keep trying he should keep on a good speed 🐴🐎😄
id say to do lots of non progressive transitions and shortening and lengthening within the gaits. use spurs of necessary. this hopefully get your horse will get your horse forward and off your leg, listening to your aids. consider your leg position, is your leg too forward? I've ridden many horses like this and its important to be tough and make them respect your aids. elasticity, independence and suppleness within the rider and their aids can really help a novice horse improve. good luck with your pony!
If you're doing the same routine over and over the pony is probably just bored. Just add lots of leg, don't always need spurs or a crop on a lazy horse, I've ridden multiple lazy horses now I've got some good leg muscles from it 😂😂 even try riding on a loose rein if you aren't. My mare wouldn't go unless she had give in her rein
Have you ever try spurs ? I'm not talking about the strongers ones , but you can try with small spurs 😊 And remember ,before you do the transition make sure your horse is active and in a good rhythm 😀
My horse wouldn't trot and canter when I asked. I went to a top trainer and she said my horse wasn't lazy but had no respect for me and ignored my aids. Now she's responsive and is learning half pass! Turns out she's talented enough to do Grand Prix dressage. It'll take years of work to get to that level but now I'm excited about my horse instead of dreading to ride her.
Maybe ask sb who has more knowledge to help You. Another idea If You're doping everything well, give him food with more digestible protein. You will find it on the line-up in the back of pocket of food