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Cute ways to celebrate a horses birthday?

Cute ways to celebrate a horses birthday?
A dramatic cake with hay as base and appeles and carrots around it. Even a dark beer is not that bad for horses. We had decorated his stable en gave him a party hat! After we took him into the trailer and went to a beautiful place to walk with some horsefriendly restaurants.
On my mares birthday I bought 10 kilos of carrots, apples, bananas, kiwis, jelly, biscuits, and gave her throughout the day ((:

I also cooked a cake who was supposed to have 6 carrots but instead had 15 :b and then I just let her run around because it was what she wanted to do!

At night everyone sang her happy birthday! She was so confused 🙈
A family party! With pictures and carrots, apples, and other things both human and horses can eat and share.
Cook homemade treats as a birthday cake and put him a bday hat! hahaha 😍