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What do you think to the Seven Games to Pat Parelli?

What do you think to the Seven Games to Pat Parelli?
Hi the seven games is a way to communicate with the horse you start online then you can do liberty and freestyle and finesse. Each savvy builds on the next and is a great way to teach your horse and you. I'd recommend getting a DVD or look up 7 games on YouTube
Love them :) I try to incorporate a few in either before or after my rides. It helps my horse focus and relax as he becomes more familiar with them :)
Hello Jack,
The seven games of Parelli are, in my opinion, bases that the riders must learn (like galloping) !! The seven games are: The friendly game, porcupine game, driving game, yo-yo game, circling game, sideways game, squeezing game.
The games are a gentle method, which causes the horse to make the instructions without forcing him. I know that to create his games, Parelli was inspired by the games played by the horses themselves.
The most important rule to follow when playing games is that each game must be completed 100% before starting the next one. I advise his book, it is rich in advice, in idea :). My horses will all have the right to this learning, I find that it offers a good experience and a great contact with his horse !!
Have a good day,