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On ponies do you need to gallop to the jump so they dont chip and they don't struggle?

On ponies do you need to gallop to the jump so they dont chip and they don't struggle?
No, ponies are very strong and can most likely make the jump unless the striding is messy. Keep it at the canter!
Hi, you definitely don't need to unless your pony can't make the strides. When a horse gallops their strides gets long and flat resulting in a less than ideal jump. Also for the rider, it is much harder to get a nice distance.
Do you mean those "ponies" who are 14.3 or 15hh and need to make horse strides? For these ponies, you do have to push for a larger canter, but you still need impulsion and control.
If you gallop at the jumps it's hard to adjust your stride when you see a distance, you want a medium pace so that you have room to shorten or lengthen depending on the distance, at a gallop, the only thing you can do is shorten, and it's easier to find distances at a more collected cant
In training, I always jumping out of trot ... this trains them to be steady and listen. Then progress to a canter. Never jump flat out as you could go straight though the jump. In competition, have a continuous collected steady balanced cantet into the jump and only open up in the open spaces
Rhythm and a collected canter
Working with jumping ponies in the past, its best to have a bouncy canter. If you go too fast you could risk getting a long, flat jump, which could conclude in a knock or fall
I have Showjumping ponies and the way to get the best jump out of them is to sit them up they have a bouncy and ajustable canter, any more questions just let me know x
You want a foward canter but don't need to run to the fence, because then they will begin to start forgetting where their feet are.