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Ask @andybooth : How did people react when you started practicing ethology?

Ask @andybooth : How did people react when you started practicing ethology?
Hello Emily,

When I arrived in France, I was a Cowboy in the true sense of the term, meaning that I spent years moving livestock on a farm: so I was dressed in this way because it was me but also because the horsemanship in the USA was worn by western riding. I soon realized that my clothes were considered an disguise here in French and European culture. And because of this, my message was parasitized by a "label", so I adapted.

Then France decided to put on what I teach (horsemanship) the term ethological riding. Scientists, true ethologists, did not appreciate the use of this terminology. So I was attacked by the scientific community. Also, France is a country of tradition, especially in the riding, and the novelty disturbed much. We have long talked about "fashion" for my subject.

On a daily basis I help horses and riders and now I am accepted by the French equestrian world but also by scientists because what was an attack at the start has become an opportunity.
By lexical obligation of the choice of "ethological equitation" for my profession, I was interested in the sciences of equine education thanks to Andrew Mclean. Knowledge in the science of learning now makes it possible to move towards more ethical equitation.