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When to feed his horse in competition?

When to feed his horse in competition?
Hi Amber,
Around 6am-7am you have to feed so give the pellets and hay, it's a good time because it's still cool, usually it's a quiet period. After about 12am it is good to give back hay, unless they have the opportunity to be in a small meadow to graze grass. For the evening ration, I would say that the granules and the hay must be given around 6pm-7pm. I find that 6pm is a good time to feed because if there was an effort in the day (which is often the case in competition) it is early enough to bring them nutrients following the effort provided, but also It's not too early and they're not hungry until morning. The rigor in the schedules is important enough for a sports horse, and especially during competitions. For the horse must not feel lost (loss of his habits) and therefore that stress, anguish, disturbs him.
Have a good day,
Breakfast around 6-7, lunch around noon, and dinner around 8ish
I'm my experience. Don't have a set time for everything as if for some reason something goes wrong. Youre horse may become ill or stress but obviously keep sensible timings in general just not that same time everyday
8am grain and hay
turnout shortly after with hay/grass available until 3pm
come in from turnout and get a flake or two
grain and hay again around 730pm
the 11-12 hour time span evens out their day and is great for administering meds more evenly, if needed.
6Am grain/hay.
11Am Lunch hay
4Pm Grain/hay