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What are the negative effects of riding your horse without a saddle too often?

What are the negative effects of riding your horse without a saddle too often?
There are no Negatives if you know how to do it correctly, for example, wear seated breeches to avoid rubbing, don't bounce around on the horses back, sit evenly on your seat bones and be considerate to your horses needs. And it does wonders for your Eq. ☺️
I do not see anything negative about it. I had to ride bareback in six months when my horse got blisters after a saddle, I've never built as much muscle on her before and she has never looked so nice like she did. but it depends on how you ride your horse.
It depends on a lot of things i.e. how you ride bareback, what your horse is like, what you're doing bareback ect. I ride my horse bareback all the time and she's fine with her saddle if I put it on after awhile but that's her and every horse is different. Bareback riding very rarely hurts the horses back because your seat bones massage the muscles in there back. It's putting the saddle on after riding bareback for awhile that can hurt their back which is why it should be treated like bring a horse back into work. anyway thats just my opinion
As soon as you put a saddle back on them there back will get sore
Aside from them possibly reacting to a saddle after not being use to one I can't see any other negative effects!
A sore back
sore back
Some horses will become accustomed to bareback riding and become 'saddle sour'
Your horse could get back damage (muscle, bone) and the fur on the horses back would be rubbing away
Although there are a number of positive effects of riding bareback (from improved stability in the saddle all the way to touch-facilitated bonding with the horse), I agree with Meaghan - it's important to keep in mind that saddles are designed to distribute rider weight evenly so you need to be aware that when you're bareback, your weight is going directly through your seat bones onto your horses muscle. I certainly would only ride bareback on a horse with a well developed back and only for shorter periods of time.
You're tail bones are sharp and your horses back is sensitive! I avoid riding bareback all together but I see the appeal, riding bareback too often can do some pretty sever back damage to your horse though, at least get a bareback pad if you're going to be doing it more then a handful of times a year
Bad muscles , your posture will also suffer , hair loss due to rubbing of your butt directly on the horses coat
Problemas de coluna , dor , dores nos músculos
Pain and/or unevenness in muscles