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What are symptoms of ulcers?

What are symptoms of ulcers?
Symptoms of ulcers are:
- Nervousness in standard situations
- Weight loss
- Poor appetite
- Less performance in daily training or work
- Poor condition
- Lack of focus
- Behavioral changes
- Bad breath
A change in behavior when you are riding, like when you put your leg on and they hesitate of go forward, and once they do, it's fast. A test you can do it poke near where the girth goes on their side. Be ready, if they kick or show discomfort, its a good sign ulcers are present. I ulcer guard any time my mare steps on a trailer.
Hi Regan,
A number of symptoms are associated with stomach ulcers. The severity of the symptoms depends on the severity of the ulcer.

For the foal : Intermittent colic, often after nursing or eating ; Poor appetite and nursing for only very short periods ; Teeth grinding ; Excessive salivation ; Diarrhea ; Lying on the back

For adult horses : Poor appetite ; Weight loss and poor body condition ; Poor hair coat ; Mild colic ; Mental dullness or attitude changes ; Poor performance ; Lying down more than normal.

Gastric ulcers can be life-threatening. If your horse or foal is showing signs of gastric ulcers, contact your veterinarian immediately.