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What are the newest concepts of toys for horses?

What are the newest concepts of toys for horses?
Hi Jack,
I think toys for horses are a great idea! I am 200% for the games in the stable or in a pasture, the toys allow the horses not to be bored, to reflect on the use of the object, but also to desensitize them to "human objects" in Having a contact with a form a matter that they don’t know, they also attract and stir their curiosity. After, you have to be vigilant when you buy a toy, whatever it is, because some may be of poor quality ... and here it is dangerous for the horse !! There is a new game that I find really great because it can go both in a box and in the meadow. This is the Bizzy Bites, the horses easily approaches this toy because they do not have a form too aggressive and it is mobile (it turns on itself) and it offers a "food" inside which will make them even more want to play.