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Who is your favorite equestrian photographer?

Who is your favorite equestrian photographer?
Check out Erin Gilmore. She's the photographer behind most of the photography for Noelle Floyd Magazine. Raphael and Lucio Landa are also great photographers to follow
Hi Molly,

takes beautiful pictures!
Fallen Taylor or Mary Burger c:
Hey Molly!

I fancy Raphael Macek, Gabriela Lutz and Felipe Rodrigues a lot!
They capture the essense of horses! The first one is more focused in artistic photos, like those to expos and studio taken ones. The other two are specialized in show photos. They take action picture during jumping shows! ☺️
Hi Molly,

My favorite equestrian photographer is Yann Arthus-Bertrand !!!!! He has a technic and a style just amazing and wonderful.... It doesn't only photographs equestrian but for me it's still the best !!! Its style of setting in the setting is just breathtaking !!!