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I'm looking to buy a new helmet and a new vest, any brand suggestions? I was thinking Tipperary for the vest.

I'm looking to buy a new helmet and a new vest, any brand suggestions? I was thinking Tipperary for the vest.
Sam shield for the helmet!
Race safe for the vest and a samshield is a good looking and comfortable helmet⭐️
Tipperary is amazing! I have a vest from them and it works like a charm
tipperary is a great brand for vests, and I'm personally a fan of charles owen and samshield helmets- but they can be a bit pricey
Hi Sofia,
I absolutely adore my One-K! The the customer service is very kind and helpful. They are also VERY safe,comfortable, and affordable! There are tons of different styles to choose from as well.
Samshield helmets and ariat boots are very good:)
I suggest Samshields or I like the GPA First Lady helmets but out of everything I definitely recommend Samshields!
Hi Sofia, I am partnered with IRH helmets and they are absolutely amazing. They fit almost everyone and have endless possibilities for styles not to mention the class they bring to the show ring! The customer service always treats you like your family! There are so many great brands on the market, good luck and have fun shopping😉
Hi Sofia,
I absolutely love my Samshield! The customer service is very helpful and the helmets are extremely comfortable and safe. There are also a ton of options for customizing!
Hello, I really like Charles Owen. I have had mine for awhile. I really like the look of the Charles Owen Pro II(my opinion). Samshield is good brand and they are both certified.
Samshield is the best brand in the market rn (of course this is my opinion) I've been using them for 3/4 years and I'm going to buy a new one for the show ring since mine is full of scratches from some nasty falls and not presentable anymore. The ventilation is great, I love how they look.... best helmet I ever had
Tipperary vests are not certified, and do not even began to approch the levels of saftey needed to become BETA certified. If you want a vest that will actually keep you safer XC, Charles Owen has some that are BETA 2 and 3 certified.
I personally think samshields are the best helmets because they have amazing ventilation and can be used in every ring
Tipperary definitely and for helmet either ovation or Charles Owens I think