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Best half pads for show jumping ? Good shock absorption is a must

Best half pads for show jumping ? Good shock absorption is a must
Nina my saddle is properly fitted, but I want something to help with shock absorption, since I've been jumping higher and higher. I've been using two Gel half pad one under the saddle pad and one with sheepskin over the saddle pad but there must be something better then that on the market. And I don't like Ogilvy half pad and I would like to stay away from memory foam half pads since they are good the first few months after that they start losing shock absorption and give new pressure points on the horses back
I love my Thinline haft pad😍😍
If your saddle is properly fitted, you shouldn't need a halfpad. However if you're looking to help your own back, I'd say Thinline is great and doesn't add any bulk. Ecogold adds to much bulk, and is very hard to mold and fit under the saddle. I like Ogilvy too, but for the price it's a bit silly. Especially if you don't need it. Ogilvy is just what's on trend right now, so a lot of people have them just for looks. Which can actually disrupt your saddle fit, and cause more issues down the line. When I'm schooling, I like to use a baby pad, and a half pad, or shaped pad. This doesn't cause any bulk, as it's the same general fit of a regular pad, but let's me feel closer to the horse.
Hi, I agree with the other users saying Ogilvy. They are kind of pricey but totally worth it. They come in great colors too. They also have a hunter pad that I have never personally tried but looks really nice for that same feel but in the hunter ring.
Hi Andreia!
I've heard Supercore are great :)
Hi Andreia,
The KLM Equestrian pads are DEFIANTLY the best half pads! They are very similar to Ogilivies, but they won't break the bank. They are also very customizable. You can choose the pad color and the piping. You can also monogram it. If you purchase use my code " ISABEL10 " for 10% off!
Ogilivy half pads are brilliant and there's lots of cool colors too:)
My top favorite is definitely Ogilvy equestrian half pads, they are totally customizable and they are super easy to wash!
Hello Andreia,
I would recommend either an Ogilvy, EquiFit, or EcoGold. It would be personal preference on what you choose, but here are some helpful ideas!
Hi! I use Invictus half pads on all my horses and love them!
I Just bought a new saddle (one of the reasons why I want a new half pad) the Saddle fit is amazing. I've heard bad things about Ogilvy thought
Hi Andreia,
I think you can choose between : Ogilvy OR Ecogold.
Personnaly, I like ogilvy. I've used their half pad to help with saddle fit until I could get a saddle fitter out for my horse, but it's not a long term solution for saddle fit. If you have a properly fitted saddle, and want some shock absorption.