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A recent study shows that riding improves children's learning abilities. Do you think that's true?

A recent study shows that riding improves children's learning abilities. Do you think that's true?
Definitively, riding demands a high level of concentration and kind of like a “multi tasking” thing. And anything that makes our brain work hard it’s beneficial for making us mentally stronger and makes tasks easier.
Yes i do. Not only does it give them confidence it helps with math and Biology. At least it helped me
It definitely helps with muscle development and ability to cope with losing and winning. You develop a better sense of connection with animals and humans and I find get along nicer with people
I believe riding helps with the development of both sides of your brain at once. It helps with focus, balance and in turn help with learning disabilities. I use to do horse riding therapy with disabled children and had amazing results.
I believe riding helps with emotional intelligence. Best riders are in tune with their horses, which transfers to human relationships. Also, a very strong mental pattern to learn is getting back up and going even after broken bones. Life isn’t easy and having this thought process is excellent preparation.
It helps you learn that hard work is the best way to get results and it teaches you patience, sometimes it takes a long time to learn just as little thing 🙂
For me honestly I believe that it has helped. I remember I used to not understand what my teachers in school taught me but I wouldn’t ask questions. But when I started to ride I realized I won’t ever understand stuff if I don’t ask questions. So I think riding helps with also life skills as well as learning abilities.
Yes for sure, it also helps with eye hand coordination, and partnerships
Hello Jack,
That's a good question, I've read things on the subject as well. I think it's true, for several reasons, the first is that when you're on horseback, you have to learn to control your emotions (which requires a lot of concentration and mental strength). Moreover, the fact of riding requires a lot of concentration, once in the saddle our brain would activate the sympathetic nervous system. It is a part of the brain that improves, among other things, learning in children. The cognitive abilities are therefore much more developed in the people having practiced the riding being child !!
There is also the memory that is put to stretch, when one has to retain retakes of dressage or the course of the competitions ^^. People who do horseback riding are more likely to solve problems (and yes, at the same time on horseback, we must always adapt to the situation)
Have a good day :)