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Is acupuncture for horses really effective?

Is acupuncture for horses really effective?
Hi Molly, I got acupuncture on my horse recently for the first time and he greatly benefited from it. My horse does a lot of intense workout and had become a bit stiff. Acupuncture really loosened him up and made him more athletic.
Yes, for all of our big shows we had someone do acupuncture for my pleasure gelding and for my friend's English gelding. Well worth it!
Hello Molly,
Treating horses through acupuncture is not a new thing. This medicine is 5000 years old. A complete examination is performed by palpation of all muscle groups and acupuncture points along the meridians. Acupuncture has an impact on the physiological systems of the body. Scientific research has clearly demonstrated its anti-inflammatory and anti-pain effects among others. Acupuncture improves post-exercise recovery, increases stamina and muscle strength. It stimulates the immune system to better cope with the stresses of competitions or transport.
I hope this helps :)